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Here’s a trivia question, out of the two photos below (Photo A and B), which one is cannabis and which one is hemp?

If I showed you two photos, one being of a hemp plant and a marijuana plant, it wouldn’t be crazy to think they’re the same. Photo (A) is hemp and photo (B) is cannabis

Today we are going to dive deep into this because when I first started seeing hemp flowers, CBD buds and CBD pre rolls I just immediately thought it was cannabis and I was going to get high. Here are the questions we will answer

  1. What do they have in common?
    2. What exactly is the difference between cannabis plants and hemp plants?

So what do hemp and cannabis have in common?

Before we get into the differences between the two (Hemp and Cannabis), it’s important to understand the commonalities. 

An analogy that I like to use, is that hemp and cannabis are both dogs (being the same species) but hemp is a french bulldog and cannabis is a golden retriever. 

Both plants do the following:

  • Grow flowers during the seasonal change
  • Generally, smell the same
  • Have leaves that are similar in shape
  • Produce THC and CBD 
    • Hemp produces more CBD 
    • Cannabis produces more THC 

Both hemp and marijuana plants are part of the same Cannabis family, but with a significant difference in their chemical composition and how they react with the user. 

What are the differences

Notice how I said similar leave structure, Hemp plants grow taller in total length and the leaves will be skinner. Cannabis can grow very bushy and shorter in length, with there leaves being very thick.

Notice in the two photos below the differences between the hemp plant and the cannabis plant.

Hemp flowers, on the other hand, have a much higher concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) and will contain other smaller cannabinoids, which will include the legal maximum of THC (0.3%). Hemp plants are very rich in CBD which is why all CBD generally comes from hemp and not cannabis plants. There is residual THC in hemp plants but when extracting the CBD from hemp it removes any THC. This process creates the 99.99% pure CBD.

In short, marijuana will contain higher levels of THC content, anywhere from 5 to 20% and is the cannabinoid famously known for the ‘high’.

Why is there so much talk about CBD flower?

With the legalization of hemp by the approval of the 2018 Farm Bill Act, the hemp world has been growing (pun intended), making hemp flower more accessible to both farmers and consumers across the country.

With CBD in the spotlight for its positive benefits in managing stress, anxiety, minimizing inflammation and aiding in muscle recovery, more people are beginning to wonder if smoking hemp is an excellent way to enjoy the same benefits of CBD different from traditional tinctures, edibles, and topicals.

Why CBD Shouldn’t be the Only Focus

Whether you enjoy CBD by vaping, topicals (lotions), or as an edible, the truth is that the majority of these products use CBD isolate as the main ingredient.

CBD isolate is a crystalline powder or solid made by removing all the other cannabinoids and compounds found in the hemp flower to produce a high concentrate of CBD.

Although there are several advantages to using CBD isolate for its versatility in consumption, there are also advantages to enjoying full plant-based products.

When removing all the natural compounds and cannabinoids from the hemp plant, we do lose out on experiencing the full therapeutic benefits found in hemp.

Each of these compounds and cannabinoids works together to deliver an enjoyable experience, commonly referred to as the entourage effect.

The entourage effect refers to when the multiple compounds and cannabinoids found in hemp amplify each other’s chemistry and, in return, interact with the human body to produce a higher therapeutic effect.

What are the benefits of smoking hemp flower?

Simply put, smoking hemp has higher bioavailability, this means that the body absorbs the CBD at a faster rate compared to ingesting it since the CBD is making direct contact with the lungs and bloodstream.

When you ingest CBD either as a tincture or edible, there is a chance the potency of the CBD can be reduced as it travels through your digestive system and liver.

The effects of smoking hemp typically occur within 5-10 minutes and will last much longer in comparison to edibles, tinctures, or topicals.

This makes smoking hemp a great option for those who are looking for immediate relief and relaxing experience.

However, smoking is not for everyone, and this is considered as an option for those who are looking to explore other alternatives to enjoying all of the benefits that CBD has to offer.

And as counter-intuitive it may seem, the other benefit to smoking hemp is that it helps in quitting smoking cigarettes since research suggests that CBD can be a potential treatment for nicotine addiction.

Is Smoking Hemp Safe?

Hemp and hemp-derived products are considered safe for consumption since smoking hemp flower are not going to make you ‘high’ in the way marijuana is.

To put it into perspective, a user would have to smoke about 10-12 hemp rolls in a short amount of time to almost achieve similar effects as smoking one marijuana pre-roll.

Also, there are no significant risks to consuming hemp since CBD has no addictive properties and is safe to use in higher doses.

Remember, recreational marijuana use is done with one purpose in mind, to make the user high. With hemp, it’s an entirely different story worth exploring.

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Is this a legal alternative to Weed?

Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, hemp has been made to be federally legal. While hemp is made legal federally this has not stopped states from enacting laws that prohibit smokable hemp. As states have passed medical marijuana they can also pass laws banning the sale and possession of hemp flowers. What they can’t prohibit is the transportation of hemp.

Here are the states that have passed laws against CBD flower.

Even though certain states have passed laws this does not mean that they will enforce them. Most online CBD stores will still ship to these states because of the federal protections that the Farm Bill gives.

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Infographic of the differences between hemp and cannabis
The differences between Hemp and Cannabis

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