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Works great for anxiety

I have taken caribee cbd 50mg capsules for over a year now. I have found that for anxiety they work great. These isolate cbd capsules work better than prescription drugs such as Ativan and Xanax for me. I take 2 50mg capsules when I start to feel anxiety and within 30 min the anxiety is erased. they are like magic. I have yet to find anything that works as well for me. I'm bi polar skizoaffective and have a lot of mood instability but these work amazing for me.

Great product

I have tried a couple of brands but this one has helped me with my pain and ailments more than others. When they were out of stock ,Dave keep me updated on when they would be in. Will not buy any other kind.

Pretty good smoke pack, not much to say. it does the job well

Caribee has my heart

Best product from the Caribee company.The high quality assurance for the quality of flower and their customer service


Get these now if you can! They helped my sleeping problems immensely! I can finally get a full nights worth of sleep

Cant complain

( no complaints here)

I get these for my wife and she loves these. She’s always smoking them by the patio

Rachel Ray would love this

Its amazing to get “Baked” with lol

Good deal on the bundle!

Bundle is great, they threw in some capsules to try out as well thank you giys!

Relaxing, special and tasty

Good treat for after a long ass day at work

I think this is there best CBD

We’ve tried the capsules, drink mixes and tincutres, but overall these are the best. They give me that CBD feeling better than anything else love these

What can I say…..

These hit the spot when it comes to wanting something to smoke


A friend gave me one to try and now im hooked I love em

Watermelon is FIRE

They got great flavors but the watermelons one is far the best one.

Taste = Tasty !!!

Yum taste! I think I felt something? I felt more relaxed but I’m not sure if it was placebo. But taste is ultra yumm. Preferred this over the Lemon-Lime flavor.

THE BEST THING FOR period cramps

I mean seriously this works way better than an Advil for menstrual cramps. Blue razz is my favorite flavor, it tastes like a melted Icee 😍😍

The Best

best cbd products I use them for hangovers


This product is so amazing.. First off it’s PURE CBD, meaning it’s gonna give me the body relaxation without the psychoactive agent👍🏼 I can still fully function and i’m not “under the influence”. Wide variety of flavors or if you don’t like flavor, there is unflavored😉 Super tasty and cheap!! My personal favorite flavor is fruit punch🤤 Highly recommend this brand for your CBD fix😋

Solid flavor

Watermelon is honestly pretty good, I would say the best

i love this flavor

Perfect lemon blast. Amazing taste with my favourite flavour, in love with the lemon lime CBD drink.

Emergen C for CBD!

Such a genius idea, its like emergen c but for CBD!

Def recommend

I definitely recommend these lil drink mixes to anyone with any sort of anxiety! This helps me so much. I use 3 a day and they really help to reduce my anxiety and stress.

Reminds me of the koolaide man

Reminds me of my childhood Fruit punch that my mom would make for us

The hype is real on this

3 pre rolls for the price of two! Such a good deal!


This my stuff! Takes my pain away