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Placed another order for the 4th time and all I can say is that you will regret not buying this. These are the true definition of a chill pill. Trouble sleeping? Take some cbd. Frustrated after a long day? Take some cbd. Feeling anxious or uneasy? Take some cbd! I recommend everyone to give them a try, it's worth every dollar. Oh, and they gave me a handful of samples too along with my order. Thanks Caribee!

Love love love these

I love the quality of these joints you really do feel relaxed and they taste amazing. Also the company is great they really take care of their customers

Great product!

I’ve only tried this company once and I LOVE IT! Great product. Just put in another order for the joints and soft gels!

I like to buy the product with always sold out where I could buy it?

This is it!

I tried wayyy too many CBD Isolates and wasted alot of money and time. I've been a customer of Caribee for about a year now and I'm so happy to call this my home. My Pain and Anxiety is is manageable and isn't taking over my life anymore. David at Customer Service is EXCELLENT! Thank you all at Caribee.

Good pre rolls

Quality product for an affordable price. The fact that makes stick more to their products is the variety deals they introduce in their products. Strongly recomme3nd all to just try it for once and surely will stick on it.


Good flavor on the smoke

Such a deal on the Capsules!

Best of everything! Such a good deal seriously

Great product/unavailable

This product has been a game changer for my wife. It has helped in the reduction of meds for a fuzzed spine.
But trying to find it is very disappointing. Wish you were better prepared for sale.

Absolutely the best…well priced CBD

Smoke it up!

These are rolled super nicely and the packaging was dope

Ordered the 4th of July deak

Good deal with free shipping

Fast shipping

Pure CBD no fillers, really fast shipping

Cheapest and best product

great value! taste great. Ordering these again soon.

No longer in despair!

For nearly 3 years, I've suffered with Restless Legs Syndrome and associated anxiety after I to cut back on morphine for my chronic pain. CBD Capsules at a higher strength are the only thing that works well. My Sleep Doctor didn't have faith in CBD and said he couldn't recommend. To find something that finally works feels like a godsend. This is so much better than taking crappy medication that only works for a little while. Especially good is Caribee selling a 50 mg capsule and their price point. You guys are great, thanks!

Love how amazing the pills make me feel!

I can finally sleep again and get some damn rest

Great for workouts

Amazing customer service. I would order again 10/10

Caribee has my heart

Best product from the Caribee company.The high quality assurance and the 0% THC makes more user friendly.

Pretty good sample pack

Great product with affordable price. Without the quality negotiation for an affordable price i got the premium vegan friendly products. Love the information for the usage in their website which is perfect for the first time users.

Works great for anxiety

I have taken caribee cbd 50mg capsules for over a year now. I have found that for anxiety they work great. These isolate cbd capsules work better than prescription drugs such as Ativan and Xanax for me. I take 2 50mg capsules when I start to feel anxiety and within 30 min the anxiety is erased. they are like magic. I have yet to find anything that works as well for me. I'm bi polar skizoaffective and have a lot of mood instability but these work amazing for me.

Great product

I have tried a couple of brands but this one has helped me with my pain and ailments more than others. When they were out of stock ,Dave keep me updated on when they would be in. Will not buy any other kind.

The hype is real on this

I cant believe for 75 bucks you get 3 bottles. I was paying way more at the store

Pretty good smoke pack, not much to say. it does the job well

Caribee has my heart

Best product from the Caribee company.The high quality assurance for the quality of flower and their customer service