Pure CBD Powder - 1,000mg | Single & 3-Pack

Pure CBD Powder - 1,000mg | Single & 3-Pack


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  • Get 3,000 mg of isolate for the price of 2,000 mg ! *Save $25*
  • 1,000 mg/1 gram of pure CBD powder/isolate
  • Certified 99.99% Pure CBD
  • Ready to use for anything
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Weight 1.5 oz

1,000mg, 3,000mg



Total CBD

1,000mg CBD


99% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD)

Maybe you’ve heard about CBD isolate, it seems like everyone is using it in everything!
Personally I’ve seen it in sex lube to hummus, it never stops stop.
Let’s say you make homemade bath bombs.
You have the molds, the ingredients, and maybe a little flower you add into each one.
 Your friends love them!
You give them out as Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and you sell them on the side.
You’re the talk of the town!
Recently your friends ask you if you can make them CBD bath bombs. They haven’t asked you once, but twice!
The demand is there for these “CBD” bath bombs.
The best part is, you look online and see that regular bath bombs sell for a couple bucks, but…the CBD bath bombs sell for $10 bucks!
Hot damn! Im cooking now!
All from just adding some of our CBD powder in your bath bomb mix!
Your family, friends and customers will all love their new homemade CBD bath bombs
Imagine…not only your bath bombs are CBD infused but it’s what your mind can dream of !  🙌
Heres what you can make with our CBD powder
  • CBD balms
  • CBD lotions
  • CBD Soaps
  • CBD cookies
  • CBD Dog treats
  • CBD (Insert the blank)
Now you can experience the relaxing benefits of CBD with not only what companies can think of, but what you dream of !
You choose how you want to feel the benefits of CBD, no one is holding you back
All from our CBD powder that easily is added into anything.
Now in stock and with just over 1,000 mg of pure CBD Isolate in each jar, the possibilities are endless. With free shipping on orders over $20 start taking CBD the way you want.

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This is it!
I use it for baking baby!