CBD Pre Rolls/Joints | 3-Pack

CBD Pre Rolls/Joints | 3-Pack


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  • Relaxing All-Natural Hemp
  • This CBD hemp may also help soothe the body and mind, providing a nice and gentle relaxing energy*
  • Nicotine-Free, Tobacco-Free, No additives or fillers…Just herb!
  • All Caribee products are non-GMO and use fair trade practices
  • Handcrafted in Southern California with sustainably sourced hemp

1 gram per a joint


King Size cone that hold 1 gram of CBD flower

THC Amount

Less than 0.3% THC


3 Joints (1 of each flavor)

Total CBD

175mg per joint

Product Facts

3 Ready to Smoke CBD Joints!

It’s been a hard day at work.
 Your back is hurting from sitting all day in that office chair you hate
 Your eyes are fried from staring at a computer screen
All from a long day at work.
When you get home today all that you want to do is kick up your feet up…
And relax

 What you want is a nice cbd joint

Hand rolled: Save time and ready to smoke out of the tube! Hand rolled for premium smoking experience. No more rolling joints!

Quality: If we wouldn’t smoke it then we wouldn’t make it. Our cbd flowers are hand selected for the best looking buds and best tasting herb.

The best part is, your getting home and lighting up a nice cbd joint.

You can FINALLY let go and relax.

right now you’re enjoying the moment…

one puff at a time. 

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Made with love

We’re picky. We only want to smoke the best hemp flowers around. That’s why we use grade A+ hemp buds in every pre roll.Each joint is rolled perfection each time.

Fresh and Natural

All of our hemp flower is grown organically with no pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Hand picked top quality buds will ensure a smooth smoke everytime

3rd Party Lab Tested

Pesticides, harmful growing supplements, mold, and stuff you don’t want to smoke. We test each batch of pre rolls to ensure its going to be clean fresh smoke each time.

Thousands of happy customers and hundreds of reviews!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Pretty good smoke pack, not much to say. it does the job well

Caribee has my heart

Best product from the Caribee company.The high quality assurance for the quality of flower and their customer service


I get these for my wife and she loves these. She’s always smoking them by the patio