CBD Hemp Flower, Pre Rolled Joints | Indica & Sativa | 3-Pack

CBD Hemp Flower, Pre Rolled Joints | Indica & Sativa | 3-Pack

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There are some things in life that benefit from being lit up. A Christmas tree. Birthday cakes. Your lovers eyes across the room. And now Caribees joints- a tasty, CBD filled blend of the best flower we could find and absolutely nothing else. With 1 gram of hemp flower and 150mg of CBD per a joint, it’s the best way to lighten up your day.

    • 3 Joints in total

1 gram per a joint


King Size cone that hold 1 gram of CBD flower


1 of each Strain, 3 Pineapple Jack, 3 King Louie OG, 3 Sunset Sherbert

THC Amount

Less than 0.3% THC


3 Joints (1 of each flavor)

Total CBD

175mg per joint

Product Facts

3 Ready to Smoke CBD Joints!

It’s been a hard day at work.
 Your back is hurting from sitting all day in that office chair you hate
 Your eyes are fried from staring at a computer screen
All from a long day at work.
When you get home today all that you want to do is kick up your feet up…
And relax

 What you want is a nice cbd joint

Hand rolled: Save time and ready to smoke out of the tube! Hand rolled for premium smoking experience. No more rolling joints!

Quality: If we wouldn’t smoke it then we wouldn’t make it. Our cbd flowers are hand selected for the best looking buds and best tasting herb.

The best part is, your getting home and lighting up a nice cbd joint.

You can FINALLY let go and relax.

right now you’re enjoying the moment…

one puff at a time. 

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We’re Difficult

It ain’t easy working with us. We only want the top shelf buds for the best smoke. We won’t accept anything less.

Butt Naked

Down to the butt of the joint, all of our flowers are Au Natural aka no pesticides or fillers. We believe the best things in life are done naked…right?

Failed Tests

Just like the SATs, ACTS and APs we love testing. All of our products are tested and those that pass get to be enjoyed by you. Those that fail go in the garbage can.



Customer Reviews

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Love love love these

I love the quality of these joints you really do feel relaxed and they taste amazing. Also the company is great they really take care of their customers

Great product!

I’ve only tried this company once and I LOVE IT! Great product. Just put in another order for the joints and soft gels!