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Not all CBD pre rolls are made the same.

I came across CBD Pre rolls about a year ago in Oregon. This was in 2019 when I took a trip to see our 5 Environmental Benefits of Planting Hemp in action. CBD was getting off the ground in terms of making CBD capsules, lotions and our drink mixes, but smoking it sounded absurd. In the upper east valley in Oregon, the farmer handed me a joint to smoke. It smelled like weed and had me tempted, but when told me it wouldn’t get me high, I was intrigued.

Why smoke something If you won’t get high, I couldn’t rationalize it. At that point smoke Oregano that your older brothers friend told you was the “bomb”.
Holding it up and lighting the end, we started smoking. Anticipating being high, I felt amiss when it never came. Instead a wave of relaxation washed over me. My head was calm and thoughts were serene, there had to be something to smoking CBD.
I’ve taken CBD capsules for a year or so and had never felt the way that joint made me. I wanted everyone to feel what I felt that day.

Why smoke CBD joints?

Whenever I mention that I work in the CBD industry, I hear that they’ve tried it and it didn’t work for them. They never felt what they expected and it was a waste. I can’t blame them, there has been fraud, whether its not properly listing how much CBD is in the product or if there is even CBD at all! To make things more confusing for new users, its the radical views on the efficacy of CBD: Being the cure-all for all of humankind, to another scammer ridden paradise to fool a sucker every minute.
Bits of truth can be found in the extremes, with the empirical side, the FDA has approved a cannabinol drug after rigorous research showed it could treat epilepsy. With a recent WHO study, cannabinol can help people recover from opioids, cocaine, and nicotine addiction.
Beyond the clinical studies and research, there is anecdotes suggesting CBD has helped relieve pain and stress. We have had numerous customer stories about how CBD has changed their lives in terms of sleeping again, relieving their anxiety and having acceptable levels of pain management.

What makes a good CBD product?

We make several CBD products and out of all of them, I personally love our CBD pre rolls. Being something I can share with my friends and having a fun chat over, it always makes me feel at home. With our CBD capsules I like them, but sometimes the best part of the experience is the consumption of it. The ritual of smoking. In purchasing CBD pre rolls, research has to be done. From fake CBD products on amazon to sketchy Chinese vendors, finding a proper joint is paramount.
What I look for in a CBD pre roll
– Lab testing- Organic Flower- American made
Wherever you go, CBD Pre Rolls and high CBD pre rolls can create a better path for people to enter the world of cannabis and experience the pleasures of what the plant has to offer.

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