CBD Pre Rolls

Have a lighter? Our organic CBD flowers freshly packed in an easy to smoke pre roll will surely spark up your day 

Made with love

We're picky. We only want to smoke the best hemp flowers around. That's why we use grade A+ hemp buds in every pre roll.Each joint is rolled perfection each time.

Fresh and Natural

All of our hemp flower is grown organically with no pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Hand picked top quality buds will ensure a smooth smoke everytime

3rd Party Lab Tested

Pesticides, harmful growing supplements, mold, and stuff you don't want to smoke. We test each batch of pre rolls to ensure its going to be clean fresh smoke each time.

Common Questions about CBD flower

Instead of using processing hemp and turning it into creams, lotions, etc. We use the hemp and roll it into a pre roll. There is one gram of CBD flower in each pre joint. 

CBD works naturally to bring the body back to homeostasis.  

There is 150mg of full spectrum CBD in each pre roll.