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We're Difficult

It ain't easy working with us. Our farmers know we want the top shelf buds. We won't accept anything less.

Butt Naked

Down to the butt of the joint, all of our flowers are Au Natural aka no pesticides or fillers. We believe the best things in life are done naked...right?

Failed Tests

Just like the SATs, ACTs and APs we love testing. All of our products are tested and those that pass get to be enjoyed by you. Those that fail go in the garbage can.

Questions we get asked the most

In the USA under the Federal Farm Bill Act of 2018 these are legal.
Even if these were illegal we would still sell them.
We love them that much.

Its a rolled joint that has CBD Hemp flower inside ( Less than .3% THC) We get the best CBD flower buds from the harvest. Best in our eyes is the top 7% of the crop.

We then hand inspect each bud for mold and mites. Then we get our top tier rolling papers and roll the buds in a cone that’s perfect to smoke.

It’s not a high but more of a wave of relaxation.

CBD works naturally to bring the body back to homeostasis. 

We’ve seen customers use CBD flower to take a little bit of the edge of life.

Whether you’re trying to sleep or just relax after a long day, these are perfect

There is 1,000mg of flower that has 150mg of full spectrum CBD in each pre roll. 

What is full spectrum? 

All of the parts of cannabis that make up the plant are included with full spectrum flower.

All of the cannabindoid that make up the plant are included inside. 

Studies coming out of Israel are showing that the proper dose of CBD would be in the range of 150mg-200mg. 

We can’t say exactly how much you should take…but wink wink, one joint should be fine.

Because of the “The Man” we can only sell our joints in the USA. We cannot ship outside the country

No. We will be cordial with you and ask if you read the FAQ