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CBD for beginners

The world of CBD can be a tricky one to navigate, with words that seem way too long, dosages that never make sense, and the sheer amount of products available to choose from.

So if you’re new to CBD, where do you begin? This article is a good place to start!

So what the heck is CBD?

Here are the facts: CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of 113 identified phytocannabinoids in cannabis plants.

Cannabinoids are a diverse class of chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors in the human body, influencing physiological processes such as appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory.

Some of these are produced naturally in your body on a daily basis (endocannabinoids), but are also produced in cannabis and other plants (phytocannabinoids).

Ok, now explain what that means… in English, please.

Normal functions in your body, like determining how hungry you are or how you’re feeling, happen in part because of interactions between the cannabinoids that you produce and the cannabinoid receptors in your body.

CBD is one of these natural cannabinoids.

Ok, so then what’s THC?

THC is another of those 113 cannabinoids we talked about earlier – just like CBD.

Its full name is tetrahydrocannabinol, and it’s famous for being the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis, meaning it can alter brain functions.

This altering of brain functions is more commonly referred to as “getting high”.

So when people talk about marijuana as a drug, what they’re really referring to is just a single component of it – THC.

Why is everyone talking about CBD?

CBD is in the news because it’s touted as offering all of the potential benefits of the cannabis plant, without the “high” of THC.

Scientists around the globe are studying CBD and testing its effects in many forms, but are often held up by restrictions and red tape because of its relation to cannabis.

As the legal framework surrounding marijuana has loosened in countries around the world and in several states in the US, a tremendous amount of promising research is already in progress.

How do I know what’s legal?

Caribee CBD is fully legal in every state in the US because it is derived from the hemp plant and is completely THC-free.

While we can’t speak for the entire industry, our CBD is completely natural, purely sourced, and professionally processed right here in the USA.

What about drug tests?

Even though marijuana is not legal.

CBD is 100% legal

The Farm bill passed in December of 2018 made CBD completely legal in all 50 states!

Getting in more detail with the law, it states that CBD with a percentage of THC of .3% or lower is still considered CBD.

This is where full spectrum and isolate CBD come into play. (The type of CBD used in products)

  • Full Spectrum CBD has the “Full” range of cannabanoids (Included THC)
  • Isolate is “Isolated” CBD. There is no THC in isolate CBD

Confusing? Very. But rest assured at Caribee CBD we ONLY use isolate CBD with 0% THC.

0% THC

You can rest assured that Caribee CBD will not show up on a typical test for marijuana.

Common tests are set off by the presence of THC in the body, and as our products are completely THC-free, there is no possibility of testing positively.

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